About Us

Quality. Integrity. Sustainability.

For over 35 years, Caviar Select has been at the forefront of the industry, having sold to top restaurants, airlines, cruise lines and retail shops in the United States. Since then, Caviar Select has streamlined its operations to sell only to private customers, with carefully curated selections - hand-picked by the owner and her trusted team.

Caviar Select is a woman owned and operated business, and works with direct importers to deliver top-quality products, all sustainably sourced.

Paddlefish Caviar


All Caviar Select products are hand selected to order and delivered directly to your doorstep and shipped overnight via FedEx, Monday - Thursday. Saturday delivery available for an additional charge depending on location.  


Same day delivery available for Manhattan orders received before 12 pm, noon EST.

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Sustainability Statement

Today, Caspian sturgeon is an endangered species. Caviar Select is at the forefront of the industry in an effort to conserve the rapidly depleting supply of this ancient fish.


Caviar Select stands behind and fully supports the efforts of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.)

Meet The Woman Behind It All

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Sarah Lendrum


As the daughter of the Ambassador of New Zealand, to what was then the Soviet Union, Sarah was exposed to the distinct and authentic flavors of caviar from a very young age. This is where Sarah's appreciation of different cultures, food, local ingredients, and traditions began.

Since then, Sarah has traveled the globe, living in New Zealand, Thailand, India, Switzerland, and the U.S., coming away with a deep understanding and respect for global cuisine.

Sarah opened Caviar Select in 1984 after years of learning the trade from the ground up. After decades of selling to top airlines, cruise lines, and restaurants, Sarah decided it was time to sell directly to private customers only. It was a way for her to share her experience, knowledge and love for this delicacy with the every day consumer, in a personalized way.

When you call us, Sarah answers - a truly unmatched customer experience.

Have questions? Email Sarah directly at Sarah@caviarselect.com